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    Why is Peoria, AZ Such a Great Place to Live?

    An orange sunset over the gorgeous Peoria, Arizona desert.There are many great cities to call home in the greater Phoenix area. This is a wonderful place to both live and work, and millions are proud to reside here because of the opportunity, diversity, and beauty of this place.

    Peoria Lifestyle

    Among the many outstanding options for cities to live in around the area, Peoria stands out as a particularly appealing choice. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the many reasons to live in Peoria, and hopefully, you’ll feel encouraged enough to get out and explore it for yourself sometime soon.

    It Starts with Location

    You have heard the old cliché that real estate is all about location, but that concept is repeated often because it is true. The one thing you won’t be able to change about your house is its location, and homes in Peoria are nicely situated for an enjoyable life in the Phoenix area.

    For many people, Peoria offers a great compromise between city and country life. It’s not in the heart of the city, so you have a more relaxed, peaceful vibe in the area around your home. At the same time, there is plenty going on, and it’s a short drive to things like sporting events, concerts, and other types of entertainment.

    So Much to Do

    If you love to get outside at every opportunity, Peoria is a great jumping-off point for so much of what people love about the Arizona outdoors. For starters, there is the golf – courses are dotted throughout the valley, and Peoria residents have access to plenty of beautiful layouts in the desert. If golf isn’t your thing, the options only continue on from there – wonderful public parks, hiking trails, biking opportunities, Lake Pleasant recreation, and on and on.

    A Solid Education

    If you will be raising your kids in the next home you purchase, the local school district is sure to be something that you’ll want to consider. Again here, Peoria comes through with flying colors. The Peoria Unified School System is in charge of offering education to the many children within the city’s limits, and it is consistently among one of the top-rated, highly sought after school systems in the area.

    Reasonable Pricing

    You probably aren’t going to find a home in Peoria for a price that you would consider “cheap”, but this is also not the priciest city to live in throughout Arizona. Home prices here are within reach for many buyers, and considering the countless positive aspects that come with living in Peoria, most local residents would agree that the housing is well worth the cost.

    That Famous 365-Day Weather

    For those coming from outside the Phoenix area to settle in Peoria, the warm weather that this part of the country enjoys is certainly a big selling point. The coolest month of the year is December, and at that, the average daily high is still 66* F.  During a few short summer months, June through September, the daily average high is over 100* F. So, if you love warm weather and want to leave your winter coat behind, this is an ideal destination.

    Ready to learn more about life in Peoria and explore the homes that are available in this attractive city? Scott Communities would love to guide you, so take a moment today to get in touch with our friendly team.


    Learn more about Peoria directly from the city's website.